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Randy Denchfield started in the commercial roofing industry in 1970 after serving in the U.S. Army. Learning this industry from the “ground up”, Randy recognized that the stress area of the roof is where it begins to leak as the roof ages. Reinforcing these areas can easily double the life of the roof and reduce leaks.  In 1974, he started Denchfield Roofing Corporation  with an emphasis on addressing these short comings.


With the high cost of insurance, labor and overhead he felt it was a mistake to take short cuts only to slightly improve profit margin. Evaluating the performance of many different commercial roof systems, he specifies systems that he knows provide the best value for the customer’s investment. Remember, a poorly constructed roof may not be a problem for four years before problems occur.

Denchfield Roofing Corporation has had six foreman selected for the highly acclaimed National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) MVP award. 


Naturally these foremen have contributed greatly to our high rate of customer satisfaction. Value Star interviewed hundreds of Denchfield Roofing’s customers and we received a 98% plus rating on good/excellent on customer satisfaction.


We look for long term relationships in servicing owners and property management companies with permanent-type repairs, preventive maintenance and new roofs with single source responsibility.  We look for savings for the customer when we can recycle and specify roofs that can be roofed-over in the future so that manufacturer warranties can be reissued thus saving on the high cost of labor, disposal costs and materials.


We offer LEED and Energy Star Rated Roof Systems and now solar panels with 20 year roofing manufacture warranties.   


We specialize in multiple reinforced modified bitumen membranes which NRCA studies indicate will perform 25 years plus. And we recommend customers inspect a roof we installed in 1984 on Fox Television in Washington, DC or others that we have installed over the past 25 years.

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